NYC-By-Bike: Three Boroughs, Three Bridges

From a series of posts on exploring New York's neighborhoods, bike lanes and parks.
It was colder today, the sun muted behind a dense haze. And after the last few days of pedaling, my legs were tired. But the extended forecast promised rain through the weekend, so I decided to head out and put in some more miles before the promised deluge.
I began my ride heading north to downtown Brooklyn and east on the excellent protected bike lane on Sand Street (Photo 1). I continued east on the heavily trafficked Flushing Avenue, wishing the bike lane network did a better job of connecting North and South Brooklyn. A few blocks further north on Kent Avenue (Photo 2), the two-way bike path started again, and I was able to easily navigate on bike paths to the entrance of the Williamsburg Bridge (Photo 3).

One in Manhattan, I made my way north towards Central Park wishing there were bike lanes on any of the eastern avenues (Photo 4). After breaking a sweat on the hills in the Central Park Loop (Photo 5), I pedaled east again towards the Queensborough Bridge and crossed over into Long Island City (Photo 6). Making my way south on the pleasantly tranquil Vernon Avenue, I crossed the Pulaski Bridge into Brooklyn and made my way back down Kent Avenue to Dekalb, where I couldn't help but snap a photo of this NYPD officer's choice of parking spaces (Photo 7).

I'm hoping the rain holds off long enough for a decent ride tomorrow. I'm gearing myself up to actually make it to Far Rockaway.

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