Brooklyn's New Toren Condo, Too 'Green' for Bike Racks?

I've noticed something really disturbing about the Toren, the new "green" condo building on Flatbush and Myrtle Avenues in downtown Brooklyn - a complete lack of bike racks or other bike parking accommodation.
I don't normally go around scoping out the bike-parking amenities around new condo construction, but the Toren tower hosts an open-to-the-public yoga studio that I've been teaching and taking classes at, and so I couldn't help but notice this startling lack of bike infrastructure.
I'm particularly shocked because the Toren has branded itself as a "green" building and on track to be the first residential tower in Brooklyn to receive LEED certification. From its website:
Not only are there no bike racks on the recently repaved (and very wide) sidewalks around the Toren (see photos below), but the building also features a large indoor parking garage, that according to the attendant, does not offer parking for bicycles.
The Toren also recently announced that it will lease its ground floor retail space to a still unnamed "upscale" and "eco-friendly" food market. Does the management company presume that everyone who comes to use the market will arrive by car and pay to park in their garage?
I sincerely hope that bike racks were in the plans all along and that it's only a matter of time before I'll be able to find a secure place to park my bike when I come to the Toren.

Photos 1 and 2 show ample sidewalk on both sides of the Toren, but no bike racks. Photo 3 - the Toren's no-bikes-allowed parking garage.

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