Who Stole My Baby? (Bike Jacking on 14th Street)

My bike got jacked today and, while it's not the first bike I've had stolen, I'm pretty torn up about it.
I'd locked it to scaffolding on 14th Street and when I came back an hour later, it was gone. The bolts on the scaffolding had been unscrewed and the bike and u-lock slipped off.
Although its monetary value wasn't that great, I had a bit of an emotional attachment to this bike. It's seen me through four years of bike-commuting in NYC, and it came with me on my 2000-mile saga through the Yukon and British Columbia (photos 1 & 2).
I know the chances of ever seeing it again are infinitely small, but I figured I might as well put the word out there. It is (or was, as I hear it will likely be repainted or covered in stickers before it's resold) a tan, black and gold Specialized 56cm cycle-cross bike with tan handlebar tape and clip-in pedals.
And if I never see you again, RIP, my trusty companion. I thought I took pretty good care of you when you were around. Sorry I never found the time to put on that new chain I bought you last month.
The cops assured me your next life will likely be as a food-delivery vehicle. All I can say is that I hope you make it many more years on the mean streets of New York, and that you get to deliver something tasty like tacos or samosas and not greasy Chinese food.

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