Steal This, MoFos!

I headed over to my favorite New York bike shop* today to get a new bike lock. After the cops who helped me file my stolen-bike police report told me that bike thieves can easily pop a u-lock off with a 2x4, I wasn't sold on getting a Kryptonite lock. But Hal, New York's bike-security expert, convinced me it was wroth the extra cash. And despite how hard-line he comes across on screen, Hal was actually quite sympathetic when I told him I'd had my last bike stolen after I'd stupidly locked it to scaffolding.
"Remember, it's never your fault when your bike disappears," he consoled. "It's the fault of the people who took it."
And so, as a helpful reminder of how to keep your bike safe on the mean streets of New York, here's StreetsFilms terrific video featuring NYC bike mechanics Hal Ruzal and Kerri Martin.
* I love Bicycle Habitat. When I needed a cardboard box to pack my bike in when I flew to the Yukon a few years ago, I went around to a number of bike shops in the city. Most offered to sell me a box for $30 or $40, but when I walked into Bicycle Habitat and explained my trip, they gladly donated an old box. I've been a loyal customer ever since.

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