Business class

Over the past month I�ve traveled out to Sayville, Long Island and up to Syracuse to conduct a series of work-related interviews. Traveling for work often requires some negotiation, since getting around most destinations without a rental car either means costly cabs, hours spent on semi-functional public transit systems or bumming rides from business contacts.
It�s always a little awkward having to explain to someone you just met that not only would you like her buy-in on your proposal, but you also need a ride to your next appointment.
The revelation that I�m traveling without a car is understandably met with incredulity. On a business trip to Los Angeles last year, I took a cab from the airport to the downtown hotel where I was staying. As soon as she had confirmed my reservation, the assistant at the check-in counter began to explain the parking-permit system. When I told her I didn't have a car, she was incredulous.
"Well how did you get here then?" she demanded to know.
My latest approach to work-related travel is to arrange for someone who can drive to chauffeur the trip. Of late, that lucky soul has been Maris, who, on the condition that we can take the motorcycle, has agreed to be my chauffeur.

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