With Plenty of Cycle Chics, Where are the Cycle Boys?

Yesterday, Libby Maxim at Biker Chicks of West Chester posted a long-overdue critique of the proliferation of blogs that glorify women biking in heels. (Examples here, here and here.)
Sure, it may be easier to bike in heels than to walk, and it makes sense if that you should be able to bike to work or around town in what your street clothes. But Libby points out that you don't see a myriad of blogs with photos of men looking seductively fuckable riding around in non-athletic wear.
The vast majority of biking and transit advocacy blogs are written by men and focus on more substantial issues than whether your stilettos match the flowers in your hand basket. To see the female cycling community represented by these bike-porn blogs is a disappointment.
(My apologies for the photo - try to find sexy pictures of men on bicycles online. It's a real challenge).

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