Stolen Bike Alert: Swift Xootr

Because I know how violating it feels to have your bike stolen, I'm re-posting this from my friend. If you have any leads, please contact Daniel.
From: Daniel Bowman Simon
Date: September 29, 2010 14:42:12 EDT
Subject: My bicycle was stolen last night...
Sorry for the mass email...My bicycle was stolen last night from E11th St between 3rd & 4th Aves while I was at the amazing James concert at Webster Hall (which I went to for free!) All that was left was the kryptonite u-lock, which was left intact. Not sure how they did it. It's the swift xootr on the left in this pic with black fenders. If you see it, please help me recover it!
Any other thoughts welcome too.
Thanks and bike safe!
PS my roommate told me that my bike was stolen because god wanted to protect me from a pending bike accident. Not sure I buy it, but it is of some comfort...

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