NYC-By-Bike: Keeping It Simple

From a series of posts on exploring New York's neighborhoods, bike lanes and parks.
Realizing that if I went for another six-hour bike ride today, I wouldn't get any of my other work done, I decided to keep it simple today with a few loops around Prospect Park.
There were a lot of cyclists on the track and I always get a kick out of lapping spandex-clad guys on really expensive carbon fiber bikes. Of course, some of them passed me. I've got some more training to do before I can really feel good about my time.
It's also so wonderful that the loop around the park is closed to vehicle traffic during the day. When I had to be at my day job, I'd always struggle to get myself out of bed and done riding by 7am when the loop around the park opened for morning rush hour. Although I don't have to breath car-exhaust now if I sleep in, I'm still really hoping that this year the car-free Prospect Park advocates are successful in completely closing the park to traffic.

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