Flushing Ave Bike Lanes Make Me Feel Safer (mostly)

I had a video shoot in Greenpoint today. Normally, when I'm going somewhere with my camera, I take the train because I'm paranoid I'll get hit and my new and expensive HD Canon will be reduced to a collection of broken black plastic pieces. (I do recognize that it is somewhat problematic that I am willing to trust my physical well-being - and potentially my life - to New York traffic, but unwilling to place my camera in the same situation).
I used to really dread trying to get in between North and South Brooklyn because Flushing Ave. was so terrifying, but I'd read that new bike lanes were being installed, and so I decided to give it a try.
It was a completely different experience. Instead of trying to share a lane with speeding dump trucks and other large cargo vehicles, I felt pretty safe in the new bike lane. I particularly loved the section closer to Williamsburg where there is a two-way protected segment (see photo).
Then only slightly dangerous and highly annoying part of my commute was having to swerve out into the lane of traffic to avoid the NYPD Traffic van that was parked in the unprotected part of the Flushing Ave. bike lane. (Photo 2 - thanks NYPD for furthering the argument for why protected bike lanes are necessary).
But honestly, having bike lanes - even non-protected bike lanes - along Flushing Avenue made such huge difference. Next week, when I have a video shoot in LIC, I may feel brave enough, and safe enough, to bike there.

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